Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chromo Body Mechanique...

Chromo Body art movement that channeled through me some years ago will have new life pulsing through it's veins is the ultimate synthesis of art, science, and sexuality...It was brought into inspiration when I was doing a massage on a client and the sun shined in through the window hitting the oil on their skin. I noticed all these symmetrical patterns(designs), and instantly flashed to using paint to track each massage stroke in the various patterns that make up each modality of healing.

From Shiatsu to Swedish massage, using three colors per model that complemented the skin tone of each model and then shooting them in nature, canvas, or infront of rich textures...I will not only be making a 200+ page book, but a calender where each month is a different science in different colors to match a different ethnicity of has begun...

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