Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Ultimate Cream Cheese...RAW!

If you like cream cheese, but can't do dairy or just don't like the excess fat...then prepare to be in heaven! Cause this Live cream cheese will take you there!

2 cups - cashews (soaked)
1/2 cup - raw coconut oil
2 Tbls - apple cider vinegar
1 Tbls - lime juice or lemon juice
1 Tsp - sea salt

Combine the ingredients in a food processor and blend still evenly mixed and smooth in texture. (for authentic creamy smoothness I recommend transferring it from the food processor to a vita-mix or regular blender and blend till creamy).

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So I'm announcing this Sunday on Esoteric Action Radio that I am going to be doing a ancient sciences ofthr mystery schools web class as per requested from my will be on an upcoming Sunday, 2 hours + In length, and $30. a person. It will be broadcast via my JTV channel, and via conference call on Skype...I require a 10 person minimum to do the class so I trust we'll get 10 people signed up over the following week of the announcement. So tell anyone you think is ready and would benefit.

We will be covering the science of pranayama(breath of fire), sigilization, learning the ancient mystery science if abundance, kundalini techniques, daosit sexual science secrets, as well as sound vibrational healing sciences and more!!!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can you see Art from the most Unexpected places?

Can you? From a crumpled price of paper caught on a tree branch, wavering in the wind to an array of beach glass scattered about in the sand, illuminated by sunlight with blues and greens glowing like stars on the shore. Or how about death? Can you see the art in death, in the final stage of the living physical form...and the stages to follow...can you see the artistry, the divine design even in the face of death? There's only one way to find out...

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Friday, April 9, 2010

The Ultimate Artistic Creation...

Human's a living, breathing, growing organism. A creation of body, mind and spirit that will change and evolve into something new...that's cell's will replace themselves every seven years, and a mind and consciousness that will change and grow every second of evey moment...and then if it creation's destiny, it will complete the circle of life and be apart of the ultimate creation as the cycle of creation continues...

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Monday, April 5, 2010


This is the latest flyer I designed for an upcoming event with San Francisco Legend DJ GARTH at the Lava Lounge this April...It is kind of a retro futuristic space fusion with a faded vintage look. You may be wondering why there are two different flyers here. I wanted to show you the creation process with graphic design...Now the one above is the flyer option my client had me modify and ended up choosing. The flyers below are the two versions I originally designed for the event, and what I prefer design-wise...but hey, the client wants what the client wants...welcome to the reality of art in the commercial world...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hiking through Spirit's Art Gallery...

As I entered Spirit's Gallery, I immediately noticed the first art installation actually made up the entrance which you see below:

This is one of the entrances to what many call the 'Sleeping Giant Trail', but is obviously the entrance to on of the most epic natural art galleries on the planet...and so we enter...

This was one of the first divine pieces that caught my eye. It's actually not a painting, but detailed design of one of the first sculptures that caught my eye...just brilliant!

Next, I took a picture of this giant structural sculpture, it was over twenty feet tall which you can't see from this picture-use your imagination...moving on to the next exhibit...

This beautiful creation, like all the exhibits in this living gallery, is is the smallest of the sculptures so far that I've seen, and glows spontaneously when a solar light hits

Is one of the most powerful pieces I saw, and I just had to share it...there were actually several spaced ou throughout the gallery, all unique to their own individuality...

Finally the sacred organic masterpiece that reflects the pineal gland of the brain upon full DMT release and expansion...this creation actually contains DMT, also known as the spirit molecule or dymethotriptimein, and is one of the only animated art exhibits in the gallery. It actually retracts it's leaves when you touch them. What's even more fascinating is the bud of the sculpture when not in bloom looks just like a pineal gland or pine cone and upon bloom, expands these vivid petals like energy shooting out from the pineal gland upon a DMT ascension which takes place both when your born and when you die...and several time in between if you are lead to the path of enlightenment...Sat Nam great living gallery and the great artist featured all around you...

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chromo Body Mechanique...

Chromo Body art movement that channeled through me some years ago will have new life pulsing through it's veins is the ultimate synthesis of art, science, and sexuality...It was brought into inspiration when I was doing a massage on a client and the sun shined in through the window hitting the oil on their skin. I noticed all these symmetrical patterns(designs), and instantly flashed to using paint to track each massage stroke in the various patterns that make up each modality of healing.

From Shiatsu to Swedish massage, using three colors per model that complemented the skin tone of each model and then shooting them in nature, canvas, or infront of rich textures...I will not only be making a 200+ page book, but a calender where each month is a different science in different colors to match a different ethnicity of has begun...

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